Waste Capital Partners Selected as Dasra Village Capital Investee

Waste Capital Partners, a solid waste management company that builds waste picker livelihoods by having them collect and environmentally process waste, was honored to be chosen by its peers in the Dasra Social Impact program to receive investment from Village Capital. The Dasra Social Impact program is a rigorous three week program over a 6-month period in which high performing social enterprises are selected to develop their businesses in a peer-environment. At the end of the six months, the social entrepreneurs select their peers they believe should receive investment by Village Capital. It is a great honor to receive this peer-selected investment as the social entrepreneurs in the program are most aware of the challenges and opportunities in the India social enterprise ecosystem.

Waste Capital Partners will utilize the Village Capital investment as part of an overall convertible debt raise from impact investors to prove out its end-to-end model and subsequently raise an equity round.

Parag Gupta
Parag Gupta
Urban India produces over 120,000 tons of garbage a day and this number is growing at 10% per year. (World Bank) Currently, this is a $625 million yearly market predicated on municipal contracts for simply hauling and dumping waste. Payment...

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