These concise documents shed light on specific topics concerned with the development of inclusive business. They can focus on a particular issue, programme approach, a business or human story, a country.

 Spotlight: Is Inclusive Business showing results? December 2014
 Spotlight: Logic of the Business Innovation Facility: the rationale for donor support to inclusive businesses December 2013
 Spotlight: Ingredients and results of inclusive business: Findings from the BIF pilot December 2013
 Spotlight: Emerging results: How is inclusive agribusiness benefiting companies and farmers? October 2013
 Spotlight: Understanding impacts at the BoP October 2013
Spotlight: Designing products and services for illiterate users (IAP) August 2013
Spotlight: Critical linkages: Service provision to farmers in agribusiness models July 2013
Spotlight: Getting Paid: How using mobile payment systems can increase revenue and help you keep track of sales (IAP) June 2013
Spotlight: Developing a successful solar lighting enterprise (IAP) May 2013
Spotlight: Different approaches to smallholder market linkages November 2012
Spotlight: Inclusive business looking for finance? What’s available and how to target your best solution October 2012
Spotlight: Building SME capabilities in the supply chain – the social and business case October 2012
Spotlight: Innovation in inclusive business: simple strategies to boost innovation in your company (IAP) September 2012
Spotlight: Approaches companies use to track their social impact – a comparison of four options July 2012
Spotlight: Tracking results – the Business Innovation Facility’s approach to monitoring and evaluating inclusive business projects June 2012
Spotlight: Mrs Phiri’s Classroom, Zambia (iSchool case study) May 2012
Spotlight: How does inclusive agribusiness benefit companies and farmers? May 2012
Spotlight: What is Inclusive Business? April 2012

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