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The Maombi Foundation, Dr. Maombi healthcare app

Through the Dr. Maombi™ healthcare app, The Maombi Foundation connects clinical officers with doctors in a convenient, affordable, and timely way to provide better healthcare for the patients.

“A main aim in the proposed project is to find a financially sustainable solution where those unable to pay for the service may still receive a timely response of the highest quality possible.”


Updates and developments will be added here as this project is implemented.

The Maombi Foundation will develop a fully functional flexible android application which effectively allows secure asynchronous and synchronous communication between rural clinical officers and doctors at the Dar es Salaam center.

Implementation of the service in two districts and at ten health facilities and training of rural staff is also in the scope of the Dr Maombi project. Further testing of the payment model and setting up a partner network and advisory board involving NGO/GOs and private parties is also in the pipeline.

The expected outcomes of the project will be evaluation of healthcare savings, strengthened referral system, test of financing model (part-paying patients) and deployment of a full scale healthcare application service through rural Tanzania and to introduce the concept to other developing countries. Low income beneficiaries will have the option to use this service for free, suggesting that as long as the quality of service is high, the benefit for the lowest income group will be substantial.


CompanyThe Maombi Foundation for Technology in Healthcare
Commercial partners

World Lung Foundation,Muhimbili Hospital (Dep. of Pediatric Oncology), Muhumbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MOHAS), Tanzania Ministry of Health NGO Switchboard, Ifikara Health Institute

Low income focusConsumers & clients
Business model focusCommercialising NGOs ; IT-enabled solutions
Revenue modelPatients with the means and wish to pay for accelerated response will pay moderate fees for the service.
IAP contact

Sida, iap@sida.se

Book by Book contact

Jesper Gantelius, Chairman,


Further informationwww.maombiproject.org
Project StatusComplete