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Project profile: 3S SHRAMIK, portable sanitation and waste management in India

3S SHRAMIK, portable sanitation and waste management, India

This inclusive business venture aims to set up portable sanitation facilities and waste management systems in the urban slums of India. Having successfully implemented a pilot programme in Delhi, the company aims to expand its operations into other areas.

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Business Innovation Facility

Company overview
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Project results chain
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"The scope for positive development impact is significant, given that currently 80% of the population in urban areas does not have access to water/flush facilities connected to the sewage system."

Updates and developments will be added here as this project is implemented.

The inclusive business initiative

Building on their core business of portable sanitation solutions and services for construction sites and public gatherings, 3S® Shramik aims to extend their business operations to reach a large proportion of the population living in urban slums, who do not have access to sanitation facilities. A pilot has been successfully implemented in a slum in Delhi (Anand Vihar) and the company is looking to expand upon this success.

Commercial drivers

The company’s business model for urban slums is based on registered households paying a monthly fee for use plus a pay-per-use model for guest users. The Portable Toilet Cabins (PTCs), ‘Shramik’, are provided by the company, as well as installation and cleaning services. A partner organisation, Mahila Housing Trust (MHT), operates and maintains the toilets, and collects fees from the end users. 3S® Shramik receives a fixed revenue (per toilet per day) from MHT. Any revenue MHT receives above this fixed fee is kept as profit. At present the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation (MSDF) are guarantors of the model, covering the shortfall in the event that MHT’s revenues are not sufficient to cover 3S® Shramik’s fees. However, going forward sustainable business model has been developed, which does not require guarantees. The Delhi pilot shows that revenues from end users would be more than sufficient to cover fees.

Development impacts

3S® Shramik aims to expand the urban slum model across five cities in a phased manner (Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore). The scope for positive development impact is significant, given that currently 80% of the population in urban areas do not have access to water/flush facilities connected to the sewage system.

Objectives of Facility engagement

The Business Innovation Facility aims to support the company in this expansion by reviewing the operating and revenue model of the pilot, and by developing strategies for replicating a sustainable model across multiple locations.

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Country India
Sector Water, sanitation & waste management
Partners Michael & Susan Dell Foundation (MSDF); Self-Employed Women’s Association of India (SEWA); Mahila Housing Trust (MHT)
Low income focus Consumers & clients
Revenue model For Saraplast: Fixed revenues (per toilet per day) from the organisation that operates the toilets (at present MHT). For MHT: The end-users pay a monthly or daily fee.
Further information
Project status Complete
Key themes Last mile distribution
3S Shramik contact

Rajeev Kher, Managing Director

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