Monthly themes

Our monthly series focus in on current topical themes in inclusive business- an issue, a region, a challenge- pulling together analysis and good practice from a range of stakeholders.

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December 2017 Reflecting on inclusive business – progress and what is next?
November 2017 Data, data everywhere, but what does it mean for inclusive business?
October 2017 The role of NGOs in inclusive business
September 2017 Opportunities for inclusive business to empower women
August 2017 Affordable Housing
July 2017 Access to Energy
June 2017 More than money matters! The rise and range of non-financial enterprise support 
April 2017 What’s new in Inclusive Agribusiness? (Part two)
April 2017 What’s new in Inclusive Agribusiness? (Part one)
March 2017 How are businesses in the FMCG sector including the BoP in their value chain?
February 2017 Customer intelligence revolutionising business at the Base of the Pyramid
January 2017 Demystifying donor-business collaborations 
December 2016 Inclusive business models delivering nutrition
November 2016 Scaling and replicating inclusive business
October 2016 Exploring the social enterprise landscape
September 2016 Inclusive Business Development Services
June/July 2016 Inclusive Agribusiness
May 2016 Partnerships Delivering Inclusive Businesses
April 2016 Inclusive Businesses and Sanitation
March 2016 The Sustainable Development Goals and Inclusive Business
February 2016 Inclusive Business in Asia
January 2016 Access to Finance for Inclusive Business
December 2015 Climate Change and Inclusive Business
November 2015 Gender and Inclusive Business
October 2015 Impact and learnings from AECF and other portfolios
September 2015 Collaboration for Innovation
August 2015 Inclusive Business Highlights
July 2015 Inclusive business in Latin America and the Caribbean
June 2015 The role of Corporates in Inclusive Business
May 2015 The role of Government and policy in Inclusive Business
April 2015 Scaling Inclusive Business
March 2015 Inclusive Agribusiness
February 2015 Successful inclusive business models
January 2015 Counting the benefits – Tracking reach to the BoP
December 2014 Looking back…looking forward: progress in inclusive business
November 2014 Drivers, challenges and opportunities in Inclusive Business
October 2014 SMEs breaking through in inclusive business
September 2014 Women and inclusive business
August 2014 Our top resources
July 2014 Engaging with the BoP
June 2014 Climate-friendly inclusive business
May 2014 Inclusive Business in Asia
April 2014 Celebrating unconventional business
March 2014 Lessons for donors on inclusive business
February 2014 When things don’t go to plan
January 2014 Learning from the pilots
December 2013 The zigzagging journey of inclusive business
November 2013 Results
October 2013 Drawing out lessons from the portfolios
September 2013 Innovation & scale
August 2013 Creating demand at the BoP
July 2013 Inclusive business needs unexpected partnerships
June 2013 The reality of local sourcing from smallholders
May 2013 Clean Energy and Impact
Apr 2013 Distribution channels to the BoP
Mar 2013 Commercialising NGOs
Feb 2013 Zambia
Jan 2013 Nutrition
Dec 2012 Access to finance
Nov 2012 Working with farmers
Oct 2012 Inclusive Supply chains
Sept 2012 Publications on the Practitioner Hub
July/Aug 2012 The impacts of inclusive business
June 2012 Climate-smart solutions inclusive business
May 2012 Inclusive business in Nigeria
April 2012 New publications on the Practitioner Hub
March 2012 Inclusive business in Bangladesh
February 2012 Inclusive business in India
January 2012 Inclusive business in Malawi
December 2011 Climate change and inclusive business
November 2011 November update from the Practitioner Hub
October 2011 October update from the Practitioner Hub


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