Webinar Series: Building Sustainable, Scalable Inclusive Businesses

The huge potential Inclusive Businesses have, is recognized by enterprise managers, entrepreneurs, development professionals, and government leaders. Their interest in investing and partnering to build sustainable and scalable enterprises is growing across sectors and countries. There are many promising projects and inspiring ideas, however, they often don’t overcome the pilot stage and don’t reach scale.

To explore in detail how sustainable, scalable Inclusive Businesses can be built, IBAN and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) are hosting a webinar series with Ted London, Vice President and Senior Research Fellow for The William Davidson Institute’s Scaling Impact Initiative. Ted London and his team develop business tools that support enterprises in leaving the pilot stage and reaching scale – in the Webinar Series he shares latest insights on the importance of Partnership Ecosystems as well as necessary strategies and skills for inclusive business leaders.


What are the strategies and skills that inclusive business leaders need to develop in order to design, pilot and scale their business model? In the webinar Building for Scale Ted London presents a set of strategies that help enterprise leaders to enhance the likelihood of building sustainable, scalable enterprises.

Download the presentation slides.  Read more about the key findings. Don’t miss to have a look at Ted London’s book: The Base of the Pyramid Promise.


Why build a partnership ecosystem and how to keep it vital? To develop a sustainable and also scalable business model, a strong portfolio of partners is critical. However, many enterprises are not aware of the landscape and the potential of strategically building a partnership ecosystem. This is why Ted London developed the Partnership Ecosystem Framework (PEF) – a practical tool for companies to assess their partnership ecosystem.  With support of IBAN he focused on better understanding the Partnership Ecosystem of inclusive businesses in the agricultural sector in Kenya and South Africa.

Access the full Report Partnering for Scale. Download the presentation slides Partnering for Scale. Don’t miss to have a look at Ted London’s book: The Base of the Pyramid Promise.

Partnering for Scale