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Graphic recorder captures the debate on the status quo of impact management in impact investing - key issues include innovation in impact management, the need for skill development and the importance of accountability in impact management

22 November 2017 – Financing Global Development – Leveraging Impact Investing for the SDGs:  The objective of the event was to link governments and the international development cooperation with the impact investing community, to foster mutual learning and joint action towards financing the SDGs. More information.

Inclusive Innovation Tour & Factory

19-20 October 2017: ii2030:Inclusive Innovation Tour & Factory, Berlin  ii2030 will bring together innovators from corporates, startups, the public sector, NGOs, and science to create solutions for a more inclusive society by 2030. More information

Past Events

At the 2016 business model training, Tunisian entrepreneurs discussed the potential for innovation and scale in the FMCG sector

23 November 2017: Workshop on the role of IB in Tunisia The event aims to encourage companies to make a commitment towards the SDGs and to include the social and environmental dimension of sustainable development in their strategies. The event will have a special focus on inclusive business models. More information


Photo Credit: IBAN

7 September 2017: Inclusive Business (IB) Policy Dialogue ASEAN, Manila  Supporting Inclusive Business Policy Development in ASEAN. More information


8 November, WACEE, Accra, Ghana: The Inclusive Business Action Network (IBAN) organised a one day conference on 8 November focusing on access to finance for inclusive businesses in the energy and environmental sector. More information.



4-6 September 2017: NGOs and inclusive business, Berlin  Facilitating an exchange about the various roles NGOs can take in inclusive business. More information