EU Coordination Meeting on Inclusive Business

The EU Coordination Meetings gather EU Members States working in Inclusive Business to exchange on their respective Inclusive Business activities.

Jointly, they discuss cooperation potential in order to create synergies between the different activities and coordinate efforts leading to collective action. The Coordination Meeting takes place twice a year, with the first meetings being held in 2015.

eu_ib_mappingThe 3rd EU Coordination Meeting on Inclusive Business took place in Brussels in April 2016. Prior to the meeting a mapping on activities of the EU members states in Inclusive Business, i.e. initiatives exclusively targeting IB or initiatives with IB components was conducted. Important corner stones are displayed in the table.

To find out more download a short summary of the meeting.



The 2nd EU Coordination Meeting on Inclusive Business was held in November 2015.  It was focused on deepening the participants understanding of  the Inclusive Business ecosystem. Download the meeting summary.