Programme Support Partners

The Connect to Grow team works with numerous partners in Africa and South Asia that support the programme with on-ground outreach and promotion activities. These partners have vast, in-country experience and networks and will be called upon to provide technical assistance to enterprises and partnerships facilitated by Connect, depending on their area of expertise.

dkompany logo

dkompany is a specialised economic consultancy providing strategic advisory services in the field of trade, investment and development, as well as law, regulation and compliance.

Ejo Partners - Inclusive Business Support partners

Ejo Partners is a small consultancy that provides tailored solutions to organizations and entrepreneurs who want to grow businesses. In addition we strive to provide our customers with support in creating their own network of entrepreneurs and investors.

Romis Logo

Romis is a Firm of Integrated Management, Investment, Training, Industrial and Economic/ Social Survey Consultancy with over 20 years of experience. They have a large base Clientele that include Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), Large Enterprises (LEs), Federal Government Agencies, State Governments and International Donor Agencies like UNDP – Nigeria and The World Bank.

TGT act as a catalyst for SME and farmer development.

TGT act as a catalyst for SME and farmer development. They provide a range of support services including online mentoring using international mentors particularly for women entrepreneurs on a Cherie Blair funded programme. They link enterprises with mentors and financiers and have a virtual incubator called Mkubwa.

B-Space is the premier Social Enterprise in Uganda

BSpace is the premier Social Enterprise in Uganda founded with sole mission of accelerating inclusive business in Uganda. BSpace was founded in 2013 by development partners SNV, BoP Inc and Oxfam Novib. Although BSpace sources for paid-for services to guarantee its long term sustainability, It was set up with a not- for-profit motive and is registered as a company limited by guarantee and as such does not pay out dividends to its shareholders. All profits are re-invested in the company. Recent and current partners and clients include SEED Initiative, European Union, UNEP, ICCO, Enviu, World Bank/DI international, MVO Nederland, CSR Netherlands, GOAL, Endeva, TASLAF, and Aspen Network of Development and Entrepreneurs.

PACT logo

The Project Development Objective for the PACT is to improve the competitiveness of project supported smallholder farmers and agribusinesses within selected commodity value chains. The project intends to achieve the PDO by assisting agro-enterprises, commodity associations, cooperatives and registered farmer groups with integrating emerging and competitive commodity value chains. The PACT uses competitive matching grants as a core instrument to achieve this goal by co-financing beneficiaries’ innovative proposals.

SIX AFRICA is registered as non-profit organization based in Dakar (Senegal).They are the first regional platform connecting investors, entrepreneurs, project developers and funds to raise capital and catalyze the creation and development of ventures (for profits as well as non-profits) that have demonstrable social and environmental impact.


Synergy Social Ventures is a non-profit organization supporting entrepreneurial solutions to global problems. Synergy’s primary activities include: providing high touch advisory services and philanthropic investment for early stage social ventures, educating new philanthropists about new philanthropic and investment tools through giving circles and advisory services, developing a stronger support ecosystem for social ventures in Asia and building connections between Asian and global actors in the philanthropic and social venture sectors.


AGRIinsight is an online web-based platform for the agribusinesses sector. AGRIinsight brings together multiple sources of information, translates them into rich, relevant, geo-visual representations that brings fresh insights. Using the various tools made available users can develop and communicate with networks of supply chain partners. They can also store private operational and monitoring information and visualise this in the context of other publicly available information such as infrastructure, soil and climatic conditions.


The Consortium for Enhancing University Responsiveness to Agribusiness Development limited (CURAD) is one of the six agribusiness incubators in Africa supported by the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) under the UniBRAIN facility with funding from DANIDA. It is a non-profit geared towards starting and supporting profit oriented youth and women led agribusinesses. CURAD was voted the leading incubator among the 6 started and supported by the Danish foreign office in Africa by the African Agribusiness Incubators Network (AAIN).


AfriLabs is a Pan-African network of 40 technology innovation hubs in 20 African countries. Founded in 2011, AfriLabs works to build a community around tech hubs in Africa and an innovation infrastructure that will encourage the growth of Africa’s knowledge economy by supporting the development of start-ups, technology, and innovation.


Antarprerana is a private company that supports Nepali entrepreneurs, who are looking for investment and mentorship. The entrepreneurs that Antarprerana supports are from different stages of business cycle, namely Start-up, Growth and Change-management. Antarprerana also assists Nepali Diaspora who wants to come back to the country and do business.

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