Editor’s Choice, January 2017: demystifying why and how donors support enterprises

January 20, 2017 in Hub-Blog

This month’s Editor’s Choice is a report titled Why and how are donors supporting social enterprises? published by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) in 2014. Although it is a couple of years old it is a still a very useful report for those who want to understand better how – and why –donors ... (more...)

New Insider: How can companies and market systems development programmes engage effectively?

January 20, 2017 in Hub-Blog

Every year the Business Innovation (BIF) team meets to discuss progress and share learning. We feel lucky to be a multi-country programme, being able to compare how we are helping poor people to get better access to markets in three different countries: Malawi, Myanmar and Nigeria. We have some things ... (more...)

Innovative decentralized water solutions developed by social enterprises

October 7, 2016 in Hub-Blog

This blog draws on the findings from research conducted on innovative social enterprise models at the Base of the Pyramid for the World Bank Social Enterprise Innovations team by Endeva and Ashley Insight. The research and corresponding case studies are available on the World Bank and OECD’s Innovation ... (more...)

Partnering for mutual benefit not dependency

May 12, 2016 in Hub-Blog

In the early 2000’s I was seconded to a large multi-national company to work on an exciting inclusive business (IB) project that the company’s chief executive had recently announced to the world at a major conference. With a UN organization playing a convening role, the project was designed as a ... (more...)

Partnership brokering in action: how Bijoy Switches became an inclusive SME

November 20, 2015 in Hub-Blog

Tangail is a small town by Bangladeshi standards. From the main street it is a short drive to a quiet lane lined with bamboo fences on either side, but busy with people walking and children playing. Opening a gate, you reach a small compound with half a dozen modest buildings. This is the home of Bijoy ... (more...)

The value of ‘seasoned’ mentors

September 14, 2015 in Hub-Blog

The launch of the Connect to Grow programme reminds me of the great value of business-to-business mentoring. A number of years ago I helped to manage a programme in which highly experienced business owners would volunteer to spend time with entrepreneurs running SMEs in developing countries. When trying ... (more...)

Editor’s Choice, August 2015: BIF Guideline’s for Market Selection, Diagnosis and Intervention Planning

August 17, 2015 in Hub-Blog

This month’s Editor’s Choice is the Business Innovation Facility’s ‘Guidelines for Market Selection, Diagnosis and Intervention Planning’ published on the new Business Innovation Facility website at bifprograme.org http://www.bifprogramme.org/. I should declare straight away that am fully aware ... (more...)

Editor’s Choice, July 2015: Unlocking Opportunities at the Base of the Pyramid

July 11, 2015 in Hub-Blog

This month’s Editor’s Choice features a new IDB report which was launched at the recent BASE III Forum. The report, which surveys the change in the BoP market in Latin America and the Caribbean over the last decade, is called ‘A Rising US$750 Billion Market: Unlocking Opportunities at the Base….’ ... (more...)

Editor’s choice, June 2015: Changing the Rules of Engagement with Low Income Consumers

June 8, 2015 in Hub-Blog

My editor’s choice this month is a case study based on work done by Firmenich, a large privately owned company in the fragrance and flavor sector, in India. The case, entitled ‘Changing the Rules of Engagement with Low Income Consumers’, was written by Dr. Djordjija Petkoski of Wharton School, ... (more...)

Navigating large companies: tips for inclusive business practitioners

June 8, 2015 in Hub-Blog

For our June theme on working with large companies I have assembled some tips from my hard-won experience for anyone working with a company on an inclusive business initiative. I have the perspective of an external practitioner engaging with counterparts from inside the business, but I suspect that ... (more...)