Being passionate about improving the lives of the very poor and firmly believing that private companies can be change agents is what is most crucial to scaling an inclusive business.

February 8, 2018 in Hub-Blog

Interview with Dr Dilip N. Kulkarni, President of the Agricultural Food Division and Sustainable Agriculture at Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd, Jalgaon, India Kindly tell us a little bit about yourself and what motivated you to join your field of work. I am an academic – an ex-Professor and Dean ... (more...)

To scale your business in a sustainable manner, don’t try to be what you are not in order to appease other people outside of your business.

February 7, 2018 in Hub-Blog

Interview with Will Coetsee, Managing Director of Botanica Natural Products, on the meaning of scale and the lessons learned over time on how to organically grow a business in rural Africa. What motivated you to join your field of work and why did you decide to become an entrepreneur? I come from a family ... (more...)

Effectively Using Synergies among Public and Private Stakeholders to Advocate for the Implementation of Inclusive Businesses and Improve the Lives of the Very Poor

December 11, 2017 in Hub-Blog

Interview with Markus Dietrich, IBAN IB Policy Lead, on key developments in Inclusive Business in 2017 and ways to strengthen the sector moving forward. Do you see growing momentum on the theme of inclusive business (IB) globally? More and more evidence is emerging which shows that IB is delivering ... (more...)

Creating a more inclusive agricultural sector in India

December 11, 2017 in Hub-Blog

How eKutir is accelerating sustainable growth for farming communities This month we talked to Social Entrepreneur and Innovator Krishna Mishra on how his company, eKutir, is accelerating sustainable growth for farming communities in the country. eKutir is a for-profit social enterprise group that provides ... (more...)

We are lacking initiatives that identify and convey the stories of impact hidden in the data

November 13, 2017 in Hub-Blog

Interview with Gayan Peiris, Digital Strategist of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Action Campaign, on the importance of using global data sources wisely to identify the needs of local communities and showcase ‘real’ progress made.   Please tell me a little bit about your background ... (more...)

Closing the Gaps: How an NGO identifies and effectively uses synergies to spur underdeveloped inclusive business ecosystems

October 9, 2017 in Hub-Blog

As a part of our series on NGOs and inclusive business, we spoke to Jaap Jan Verboom, Director of the Agribusiness Booster, an impact investment fund backed by ICCO Cooperation, a Dutch NGO that is part of an international network of NGOs with a protestant background. The blog post was authored by Susann ... (more...)