Micro-hydro – What the numbers say

May 1, 2013 in Hub-Blog

MEGA (Mulanje Electricity Generating Authority) is a micro-hydro project centred around Mount Mulanje in Malawi, the wettest mountain in Southern Africa, and so with a lot of hydro energy potential. It has been in development for the last few years and is in the process of going live at its first site. ... (more...)

The Financial Services Firm – Transitioning from NGO to Self-Financing Operation

March 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

The universally quoted phrase “Money makes the world go around” is intuitively understood by most people. In the context of Malawi, where 74% of the population are excluded from the financial sector and 55% excluded from any financial services at all, the lack of access to money is seriously ... (more...)

Donor finance for business – not so easy to find

December 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Earlier this year, I spent some time helping a Business Innovation Facility client in Malawi to find finance from donors or development foundations. The client was a food processing company setting up a business model that invests in smallholder farmers and goes far beyond ‘business-as-usual’ in ... (more...)