5 key success factors for successful replication of eco-inclusive business models

October 17, 2016 in Hub-Blog

“There is no problem in Africa that nobody has thought about. Use those ideas!” said Ndubuisi Ekekwe from the African Institute of Technology two weeks ago at the SEED Africa Symposium in Nairobi. And, Jukka Uosukainen from the Climate Technology Centre and Network added: “Take the best innovations ... (more...)

Replicating successful business models – Moving from lighthouses to a network of street lamps

September 6, 2016 in Hub-Blog

Imagine. There are a few big lighthouses scattered over a vast piece of land. Light from the lighthouse circles around, shining brightly, but only upon selected sections of the land; thus, light is only available to a selected number of people. Now, picture the same vast piece of land but with many street ... (more...)