2016 SEED Awards: Tailored support for social and environmental enterprises

January 26, 2016 in Hub-Blog

Locally-run small, micro and medium-sized enterprises (SMMEs) can make a significant contribution towards sustainable development: they do not only provide two thirds of permanent, full-time jobs in developing countries (IFC), they also have in-depth knowledge of local social and environmental challenges. ... (more...)

The climate negotiations in Paris – What does it mean for the green SME community?

December 4, 2015 in Hub-Blog

Author: Allison Robertshaw, Executive Director of SEED – Promoting entrepreneurship for sustainable development At the moment, politicians, policy makers, NGOs, businesses, entrepreneurs and activists are meeting in Paris, at the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP), to see whether the world can ... (more...)

Cutting down trees for survival: How women can provide an alternative source of energy

November 9, 2015 in Hub-Blog

Author: Anais Mangin, Partnerships Specialist at SEED – Promoting entrepreneurship for sustainable development “Then the refugees came and started to cut down trees and soon there was no forest left, (..) The locals also chopped trees and made charcoal to sell to the refugees.” (UNHCR, ... (more...)

Building Inclusive Value Chains

August 27, 2015 in Hub-Blog

Authors: Mareike Grytz, Inclusive Business Action Network & Carolin Ehrensperger, SEED How can people living at the base-of-the-pyramid (BoP) be integrated into global value chains and improve their livelihood on a long-term perspective? One answer clearly is: by fostering Inclusive Business Models ... (more...)

Water for Life – innovative and entrepreneurial ways of storing water in semi-arid regions of Brazil

July 9, 2015 in Hub-Blog

Authors: Daniele Cesano, Adapta Sertão, Thais Corral, Adapta Sertão & Carolin Ehrensperger, SEED Access to water is not only about meeting basic human needs; it is critical to sustainable development, too. For instance water is essential for agriculture and industry; it is a source of energy and ... (more...)

Looking for local solutions that make a difference: 2015 SEED Awards for social and environmental enterprises

February 9, 2015 in Hub-Blog

In South Africa, a 2014 SEED Award Winner, GreenABLE, recycles empty printer cartridges generating a steady flow of income and employment opportunities for previously unemployed persons with disabilities. In addition, its activities reduce the amount of waste going into landfills. The enterprise is just ... (more...)