Editor’s Choice December 2017: The Best Blogs of 2017  

December 12, 2017 in Hub-Blog

Business partnerships   Business – donor relationships – why the purpose can’t just be about the dollars   By Anna Swaithes, formerly Cadbury, Kraft and SABMiller  In a decade working for corporates, Anna Swaithes has seen the risk that programmes are designed to match donor money instead ... (more...)

Editor’s Choice, November 2017: Our World in Data, and in darn good visuals too

November 13, 2017 in Hub-Blog

I’ve done my time. Rummaging in World Bank and United Nations Data sets. Trying to produce the graph that conveys what a non-statistical audience needs to know.  Conveying enough development data to put the big picture context around the urgency of inclusive business, without boring a business ... (more...)

Editor’s Choice, October 2017: Does inclusive business reach ‘the poor’? At last some data!

October 16, 2017 in Hub-Blog

At last!  Finally, we are beginning to see data about whether consumers reached by inclusive businesses count as ‘poor’.  And, hearing about examples of businesses that combine sales to poor consumers with financial sustainability. A new reports by Deloitte, ‘Reaching Deep In Low-Income ... (more...)

Editor’s Choice, September 2017: Second report of the UN High Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment

September 17, 2017 in Hub-Blog

Do business people, even inclusive business practitioners, often read reports of United Nations High Level Panels?  I’m not sure.  But the second report of the UN High Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment is worth your time if you want to know: what women’s economic empowerment ... (more...)

Editor’s Choice, August 2017: Better Business Better World

August 15, 2017 in Hub-Blog

‘If progress is too slow, there may be no viable world to do business in’. That’s a pretty strongly worded warning, particularly when it comes from CEOs and leaders of the world’s most influential institutions. A sense of urgency, indeed crisis, underpins the analysis of the Business ... (more...)

Editor’s Choice, June 2017: Do we really know if acceleration and advisory support make a difference? A new addition to the scattered evidence

June 12, 2017 in Hub-Blog

‘Pockets of rich data and huge gaps in our knowledge.’  That’s my answer to the question of how much do we know about the effectiveness of acceleration and advisory support. The array of services and organisations that provide advisory support to inclusive enterprises are young. Most ... (more...)

Editor’s Choice, March 2017: Delving inside the down-pyramid marketing strategies of Unilever and Tetra Pak

March 12, 2017 in Hub-Blog

My Editor’s Choice this month covers two reports which delve into the strategies of two multinationals as they engage with base-of-pyramid consumers.   They unveil the techniques that Unilever is using to reach rural markets and that Tetra Pak embraces to reach ‘Deeper into the Pyramid’. Both ... (more...)

Editor’s Choice, February 2017: financial diaries of 1,000 women and men give clear directions for shifts in financial services provision

February 20, 2017 in Hub-Blog

Consumer intelligence is often based on ‘quick and dirty’ feedback from as many consumers as possible, minimising the burden on them, and focusing on their attitudes.  Our Editor’s Choice this month is a fascinating contrast: it summarises findings from ‘financial diaries’ ... (more...)

Editor’s Choice, December 2016: margins for shopkeepers or subsidies for consumers? What influence nutritious behaviour?

December 9, 2016 in Hub-Blog

What do you think is most likely to increase uptake of fortified salt?   Consumer education leaflets?  Price cuts?  Incentives for shopkeepers?  Instead of making assumptions about what influences consumers to purchase food products that are good for their health, let’s find out!     It’s ... (more...)

Editor’s Choice, November 2016: how do you choose between organic growth, licensing or acquisition?

November 14, 2016 in Hub-Blog

‘Most early stage innovators need a deeper understanding of the models for taking a product to scale’.  So says the introduction to this month’s Editor’s Choice.  And this 2016 USAID report, Pathways to Scale: A guide for early-stage global health innovators on business models ... (more...)