NGOs in inclusive business: Contradiction or a complementarity?

October 12, 2017 in Hub-Blog

By Dr. Aline Menden and Christian Pirzer You are probably aware of aid projects run by NGOs to fight HIV Aids in Sub-Saharan Africa or combat yet another hunger crisis. But are you aware NGOs are also pursuing business approaches to achieve development objectives? Why should NGOs engage in (inclusive) ... (more...)

More than money: mapping the landscape of advisory support for inclusive business

May 30, 2017 in Hub-Blog

This blog is written by Caroline Ashley and Aline Menden You probably know of a couple of organizations that provide acceleration or technical support services to an inclusive business. You may also know businesses that makes use of such support. But it might be safe to bet that you don’t have ... (more...)

How the PROOFS team set out to find Bangladesh’s Jamie Oliver

June 2, 2015 in Hub-Blog

Jamie Oliver is one of the best-known chefs today, mixing traditional British food with world cuisines to create healthy, nutritious meals that are easy for anyone to master. He is the star of TV shows, author of several books, and has various restaurants worldwide. In the northern Bangladeshi village ... (more...)

Innovation on Wheels: How the PROOFS project is changing gender roles and nutrition education in rural Bangladesh

June 2, 2015 in Hub-Blog

Every morning, Lipi cycles down the dusty roads of Mitapukur, a small village in northern Bangladesh, balancing a bag filled with products on her shoulder. Lipi is one of the 160 Nutritional Sales Agents that was trained by the PROOFS (Profitable Opportunities for Food Security) project, an initiative ... (more...)

The Business of Basic Education: Unleashing the Potential of Private Schools for the Poor

May 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

When Mohammed Khan, a local businessman in the Indian city of Hyderabad, read in his newspaper that there was an entire neighbourhood of professional beggars with no access to school, he resolved to build one. Not only that, he managed to persuade the parents that classes for their children were worth ... (more...)