Finding the sweet spot in large business-small business collaborations – Partnering for the win

May 31, 2017 in Hub-Blog

We could be on the verge of a new business relationship imperative – from B2B to B2C to B2E. At the Toilet Board Coalition we think a lot about how to build and facilitate mutually beneficial relationships between multinational corporations and entrepreneurs running small to medium enterprises. ... (more...)

First Toilet Business Accelerator Launched in 2016!

April 11, 2016 in Hub-Blog

In January 2016 The Toilet Board Coalition launched the first corporate accelerator program to facilitate private sector engagement and mentorship to sanitation businesses and entrepreneurs serving low-income markets. The Toilet Accelerator works with promising sanitation business models that have the ... (more...)

Business Leadership on the Global Sanitation Crisis

April 11, 2016 in Hub-Blog

What is the role of business in addressing the Global Sanitation Crisis? The crisis is clear – 2.4 billion people without access to improved sanitation is unacceptable. Solutions have been more elusive. In 2014 a group of global businesses, with an interest in ensuring universal access to sanitation, ... (more...)