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Inclusive business entrepreneurs face all the challenges of conventional entrepreneurs, plus a few more. A growing range of services and resources are available to address the specific needs of inclusive business entrepreneurs looking to achieve growth. Inclusive Business Development Service (IBDS) providers are emerging, to better support Inclusive Business ventures to overcome their challenges.

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Online learning for Inclusive Business entrepreneurs

Online learning environments are an effective way to service a high number of participants from around the world at the same time. Some of the organisations that are offering online learning opportunities to Inclusive Business entrepreneurs include

  • Inclusive Business Academy runs free Bootcamps. Topics include learning how to market, design or manufacture a product in the complex context of Bottom of the Pyramid consumers, building the capacity to innovate, and pitch an inclusive business. Bootcamps typically run over 4 weeks covering 4 modules. Sessions are developed by Inclusive Business Accelerator and partner organisations. You can read testimonials from entrepreneurs in Kenya, Haiti and Uganda.
  • +Acumen courses: +Acumen is offering a wide range of online courses and tools. Topics fall in the operational skills as well as financial skills categories. They aim to equip more emerging leaders with the tools, knowledge, and networks to change the way the world tackles poverty.
  • GSBI courses: the Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI) serves social entrepreneurs around the world who are developing innovative solutions that provide a sustainable path out of poverty.


Webinars are short online video sessions – usually 1-1.5 hours – with presenters and an online audience.  Webinars are regularly run by the Practitioner Hub, Hystra and Business Call to Action (often in collaboration). Visit the Hub webinar page to see upcoming and previous webinars.

Building capacities of Inclusive Business BDS suppliers

  • Inclusive Business Accelerator: the providers of Inclusive Business Development Services also need training and capacity development. The Inclusive Business Accelerator (IBA) has developed and an online platform to increase the quality of locally available services. Through a network of local hubs and the network of IB Accelerator partners, skilled consultants are identified, trained and guided to become IBA certified consultants. Currently two toolkits exist, one on Inclusive Business, and one on Inclusive Innovation. For both toolkits there is a three-day interactive training program. The online environment is exclusively available for trained consultants. Trained and certified IBA consultants use the toolkits to deliver high quality services to their own existing client network. They also act as local IBDS resources for the IB Accelerator and its partners.
  • IB Trainer by Seas of Change: this three-day training provides a framework for evaluating inclusive business models. It is developed for working with small and medium size enterprises that directly interact with low-income farmers and rural communities.


There are a considerable number of publications that share useful insights and lessons on inclusive business available in the public domain. Yet it is difficult to know what exists, where to start, and how to keep up-to-date on latest developments and publications in this space. SearchInclusiveBusiness, the first online database of inclusive business publications, helps plug this gap by providing access to over 1,400 publications on one searchable platform. The database includes reports, case studies, interviews, videos, guidance material and tools in English and Spanish and is searchable by topic, sector, geographical focus, resource type and key words. Topics cover a wide range of issues relevant to IB such as serving BoP clients, sourcing from the BoP, finance for inclusive business, women empowerment and results measurement and impact.

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About IBA

Inclusive Business Accelerator (IBA) facilitates the acceleration of impactful entrepreneurship in Base of the Pyramid (BoP) markets. It is building an online matchmaking and learning platform as well as an offline support structure by training local IBDS providers to enable ventures to innovate, grow, replicate and improve their inclusive business strategies. Services focus on the three sectors: Agriculture and Food, Water and Sanitation and Sustainable Energy.