Starter Pack

If you are new to inclusive business or you need a simple ‘roadmap’ to navigate your way through inclusive business, this Starter Pack covers everything from what inclusive business means and who it involves, to what support is available and how to find it. Click below to get started.

What is inclusive business?

What is inclusive business? Why is it interesting for business leaders and why are development agenecies supporting it? This is the place to start to find out all about inclusive business.

What support is available from others?

Support for inclusive business comes in many different forms – and there is plenty of it. This page helps you navigate through impact investment opportunities, donor programmes and networks to find what your business needs.

What are some good examples of inclusive business ventures?

There are now thousands of inclusive businesses in operation. Find out where to learn more about them.

Where do I find out more?

For anyone looking for more detail on any aspect of inclusive business, this page will point you towards our top resources, websites, initiatives, tools and publications in inclusive business.