Inclusive Business Know How

Whether you’re new to inclusive business and looking for support for your business or a seasoned practitioner searching for details on last-mile distribution models, the Practitioner Hub can help.


Know-how: Practical knowledge about how to get something done as opposed to ‘know-what’ – which is about facts.
Our Know-how pages look at particular themes, approaches and challenges in inclusive business. Drawing on the extensive on-ground experience of key stakeholders, we point you to the most relevant resources – some produced us, some by others – to give you the know-how you need to implement or support an inclusive venture.

Starter Pack

Our starter pack covers all the basics of inclusive business – what it means, how it works, who ‘s doing it and where you can find out more. Click on the list below for more.

For Donors And Facilitators

Facilitating inclusive businessFacilitating inclusive business

Inclusive business is driven by entrepreneurs, but what role do donors, funding bodies, foundations and other facilitators play? This page is aimed specifically at those whose role is one step removed from operation. If you support, fund or facilitate inclusive business. click on the icon above for more.

Closer Look

Our know-how themes draw on the experience of practitioners and facilitators on the ground to provide practical knowledge, information and links to resource on key inclusive business topics. Click on the list below for more.


Last mile distribution


Partnerships for innovation


Creating prospect through farming

Training for practitioners

Training for practitioners


Climate-smart solutions


IT-enabled solutions

Commercialising NGOs

Commercialising NGOs


Partnerships for innovation


Inclusive business results