Inclusive Agribusiness

These six papers explore some of the key themes in inclusive agribusiness in 2017. Written by expert authors in each field, each paper aims to trigger thinking on what could be done through collective action. It does not provide a complete picture of the theme but indicates the bandwidth of possibilities that could be worked on.

They include contributions from the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development, the Global Development Incubator, BEAM Exchange and the Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation.


Download the theme papers:

Enabling Policy for Inclusive Agribusiness Jim Woodhill
Access to Inclusive Agribusiness Finance Dan Zook and Matt Shakhovskoy – Global Development Incubator (GDI)
Women’s Economic Empowerment through Inclusive Agribusiness Clare Bishop and Romy Sato – Global Donor Platform for Rural Development
Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships for Inclusive Agribusiness Joost Guijt and Anne Rappoldt – Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation (CDI)
Inclusive Business Models in Agriculture Anne Rappoldt, Monika Sopov and Joost Guijt – Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation (CDI)
Systemic Approaches to Inclusive Agribusiness Mike Albu – BEAM Exchange

The papers explore the themes covered in the design workshop “Towards a Global Research and Learning Agenda for Inclusive Agribusiness”. Over two days 40 senior practitioners looked at how to deepen understanding and improve practice through more structured collaboration. While the themes do not cover all that is important in inclusive agribusiness, they are part of the potential for structural and systemic change inherent in many initiatives.

The workshop was a good example of the value of combining skills and resources, and came out of joint thinking, time and funding from Wageningen University & Research, Global Donor Platform for Rural Development, Food & Business Knowledge Platform and BEAM Exchange. We hope it will help you think where working with others can make your work easier, more interesting or more useful. For more information or if you have ideas please get in touch with joost.guijt@wur.nl.

More on Inclusive Agribusiness

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