Inclusive Business Enterprises

There are numerous inclusive businesses working across the developing world to improve the lives of people at the Base of the Pyramid. It is impossible to track what all of these businesses are doing but there are many programmes and organisations that share information about the inclusive business initiatives they support.

This page is a gateway to the organisations and their inclusive business listings. These inclusive businesses are or have been members, grantees or investees of the organisations. The initiatives featured range from small enterprises to large corporates. This page provides easy access to more than 1,000 inclusive businesses across sectors, regions and programmes.

Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF)Enterprises featured are AECF grantees. AECF provides competitions for donor funds and targets businesses that are run/based in Africa.Agriculture, agribusiness, renewable energy, adaptation to climate change, financial services and access to information172 profiles  Country, focus area, funding window2011-ongoing
Asian Development Bank (ADB)*Businesses featured are supported by the ADB through funding (equity, loans, guarantees and other instruments) and technical assistance.Sectors include finance, energy, education and agribusiness19 listingsN/A2013-ongoing
Business Call to Action (at UNDP) (BCtA)Initiatives featured are BCtA member companies. BCtA provides various forms of non financial support to companies who are committed to inclusive business models.Various sectors from energy and healthcare to electronics and telecommunications108 profiles 33 case studiesYear initiative started, sector/industry, market/region, type of initiative, Millenium Development Goals2008-ongoing
IFC**Businesses featured are IFC investees. IFC selects and invests in inclusive business models that are commercially viable and replicable.Financial markets, agribusiness, education, health, housing, power, water and sanitation, and information and communications technologies41 case studiesRegion, country, sector, date, language2005-ongoing
Inclusive Business Accelerator (IBA)Enterprises featured have joined the IBA inclusive business match-making platform for investors and businesses.Agribusiness, financial services, ICT, renewable energy, health services, WASH and education203 profilesSector, country, company2014 -ongoing
Inter-American Development Bank Opportunities for the Majority (OMJ)Businesses featured are financed by OMJ. OMJ finances commercially viable inclusive business models in Latin America and the Caribbean through loans and credit guarantees.Agriculture, education, energy, health, financial services, ICT, housing, infrastructure, private sector development, retail services and multi-sector funds59 profilesSector2007-ongoing
Intellecap Impact Investment Network (I3N)Enterprises featured are showcased for impact investors who are interested in funding early-stage impact enterprises.Agriculture and rural business, clean energy, healthcare, financial services, education and vocational training and water and sanitation53 listings 9 profilesN/A2012 -ongoing
The Practitioner HubBusinesses featured are grantees of the DFID’s Business Innovation Facility (BIF) pilot and Sida’s Innovations Against Poverty (IAP) pilot that provided technical assistance and grants respectively.Agriculture and food, energy and infrastructure, water, sanitation and waste management, retail, manufacturing, health126 profiles 7 case studiesRegion, sector, programme, low-income focus, business model focus2010-2013
UNDP Growing Inclusive MarketsBusinesses featured create value by providing products and services to or by sourcing from the poor.34 sectors including housing and construction, healthcare, education, bio-fuels, sanitation, water, consumer goods, manufacturing and ICT166 case studiesType, company, business model, sector, country, language, theme, role of the poor, strategies, constraints, millennium development goals2006-ongoing
USAID Development Innovation Ventures (DIV)Businesses featured are grantees from the DIV competition which supports solutions with the potential to deliver more impact, for lower cost, at sustainable scale.Saving lives, lighting the world, lifting people out of poverty, improving government accountability, helping youth thrive, ensuring access to safe drinking water and promoting healthy habits100 profilesCountry, sector2010 -ongoing
World Bank Development MarketplaceEnterprises featured are grantees of the World Bank Development Marketplace. They are innovative, early-stage development projects.Sectors include housing, agriculture and food, ICT and renewable energy79 profilesSector, country, year, inactive or active project1998-ongoing
World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)Businesses featured are member companies of the WBCSD that provides non-financial support to corporations with a commitment to sustainable development.Sectors include climate and energy, ecosystems and landscape, management and social impact, sustainable lifestyles and water solutions151 case studies  Publication date, language, document type, company, work program2000-ongoing

We will update the information on this page regularly. If you have recommendations of organisations that we should add to this list, please send the details to enquiries@inclusivebusinesshub.org. *The ADB’s work on Inclusive Business comprises (a) investments in private sector companies, (b) public sector support, and (c) knowledge work and partnerships. This listing only includes its private sector investments. **The IFC provides support to a range of companies. This listing only includes its inclusive business clients. Disclaimer: The information listed on this page has been gathered from the websites of the organisations. The Practitioner Hub is not endorsing any of these organisations or the businesses they support. The organisations are aware that this information is listed here but they don’t endorse the Practitioner Hub.