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IB Asia Forum 2016

2nd Inclusive Business Asia Forum 16-19 February 2016, Manila.
Introduction to the Inclusive Business Asia Forum 2016
16-19 February, 2016. Manila, Philippines.

Welcome to the website of the 2nd Inclusive Business Forum for Asia organised by the Asian Development Bank in cooperation with its partners.

The 2nd IB Asia Forum brought together 250 practitioners from businesses, investors, governments, and development partners to discuss recent innovative approaches and examples of inclusive business investments. Uniquely, the event discussed how governments and business associations can support or create a better enabling environment for Inclusive Business (IB). 

Review the full event report here for an overview of key themes that were discussed at the Forum and summaries to all the sessions from the 4 day event. Read our series of blogs introducing key themes from the report.

Download the summary of key takeaways from the forum.

View the presentations and papers of key speakers at the forum on the agenda page.

Core information
  • Agenda: A timetabled overview of the sessions that took place during the five day event.
  • Side eventsThe IB Forum was enriched by side events such as a training for bankers and impact investors on risk assessment and structuring inclusive business financing (in cooperation with Credit Suisse), a workshop on inclusive business in agriculture and aquaculture (in cooperation with CSR Asia), a seminar on IB/SE company support (organized by IBAN), a social enterprise event for Southeast Asia (organized by Sankalp), as well as a meeting of the development banks' working group on IB.
  • Special sessionsThe programme included a meeting of the IBAN Advisory Board, a meeting of the development banks working group on IB, a meeting of the ADB advisory board on Inclusive Business, and a roundtable discussion of the G20’s work on IB. 
  • Key topics of discussion: The Forum provided participants with the opportunity to participate in sector discussions, exchange information on, and discuss IB models in, different sectors. Other sessions on special topics included replication, impact measurement, gender equality and many others. 
  • Logistics: All the logistical information for the IB Asia Forum participants including information about the venue, transportation, accommodation and more.
  • Partners: This event was organized by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), in cooperation with its partners, the IADB, IFC, BCtA, and WBCSD. The event is further supported by the Inclusive Business Action Network (IBAN), CSR Asia and the Practitioner Hub for Inclusive Business.  
Background to Forum discussions
  • What is IB?: The definition of inclusive business and key links to find out more.
  • IB models: Examples of investments in inclusive business models.
  • IB investors: Types of inclusive business investors and which countries they are investing in.
  • IB landscape in Asia: An overview of the type and level of inclusive business activity in countries across Asia. 
  • Enabling environment: The type and level of support provided by the public sector to promote inclusive business in countries across Asia.
  • ADB's IB initiative: Information about the ADB's inclusive business work including latest deals and publications


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