Guide to Blogging

We want to hear from your insights on implementing inclusive business models on the ground, as well as evidenced views and news on the latest developments and findings in this space.  Here are our top tips on blogging and some answers to frequently asked questions.

The Practitioner Hub Editorial team are happy to discuss any blog ideas you may have, or to review and provide comments on your blog. If you have an idea you would like to discuss or you would like help to publish your blog, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Top Tips

  1. Keep it relevant to inclusive business.
  2. Give it a short and engaging title.
  3. Make it personal or tell a story.
  4. Write less. 500-800 words is usually enough.
  5. Make it easy to read. Bullet points and sub-headings help.
  6. Share links to more info.
  7. Bring it to life. Use images and quotes.
  8. Tag it properly so others can find it!

Frequently asked questions

  1. Only members are able to post blogs, so make sure you are signed up first.
  2. Go to the blogs list.
  3. Click on the add a blog button on the right hand side.

1. Highlight the word/s you want to hyperlink

2. Click on the hyperlink icon

3. Copy the website address and paste into ‘Link URL’ field (*Note that you must either delete the http:// in that field or ensure that your website address does not include http:// as well)

4. Check that the word/s you want to hyperlink are in the ‘Link text’ field

5. If you simply want to include a website address to your blog then follow the same process as above or simply type the address into the ‘Link URL’ field

Click on the picture icon and follow instruction in dialogue box  

If you want to attach a document, presentation or other item to your blog post click on the paperclip icon and follow instructions in the dialogue box

Tags can be add at the bottom of your blog entry. Tags are short descriptors or keywords that let others search for and find your posts. Think of three or four keywords to describe your blog and separate each tag with commas. Put multiple word tags in quotation marks, eg, “access to finance”

Share your blog on social media, with your contacts. Ask them to comment and get involved with the conversation. Include your social media and site details at the bottom of your blog so the Hub team will do the same. If your blog is of wider interest to the community it will be included in the Hub monthly series, sent out via email to all Hub members. We can’t guarantee all blogs will be included.

Here are links to a few examples of blogs on the Practitioner Hub, reflecting a variety of lengths and styles, from the quick, short blog that alerts fellow practitioners to an interesting article, report or update from the field, to the more reflective blog that raises questions and reviews an inclusive business issue. Click the blog titles to read: