Today is the second day of our virtual conference and we have provided another set of interesting keynotes, workshops and webcasts for you.


This afternoon, starting at 2:30 PM CET, is dedicated to “tools in action”.

The webcast series “tools in action” provides a platform for sharing the latest developments on a range of tools. In this interview style session format we will hear from the developers of some of the tools that are also showcased in the GLOBAL VALUE toolkit. Today’s webcasts are:

  1. A closer look at human rights compliance and impact assessment with Catherine Bloch Veiberg from the Danish Institute for Human Rights (02:30 PM CET)
  2. Measuring the impact of community investment with Jon Llyod from Corporate Citizenship (03:05 PM CET)
  3. New developments in LCA with Rasmus Priess from Oeko-Institute e.V. (03:40 PM CET)

You can join us from wherever you currently are, all you need is an internet connection.

ACCESS THE VIRTUAL EVENT VIA THIS LINK https://reg.ubivent.com/start/global-value

If you are interested in assessing Human Rights impacts, evaluating community contributions or want to know what’s next for product environmental foot-printing, this is for you.

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