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Dec 2017 Editor’s Choice December 2017: The Best Blogs of 2017  
Nov 2017 Editor’s Choice, November 2017: Our World in Data, and in darn good visuals too
Oct 2017 Editor’s Choice, October 2017: Does inclusive business reach ‘the poor’? At last some data!
Sep 2017 Editor’s Choice, September 2017: Second report of the UN High Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment
Aug 2017 Editor’s Choice, August 2017: Better Business Better World
Jun 2017 Editor’s Choice, June 2017: Do we really know if acceleration and advisory support make a difference? A new addition to the scattered evidence
Apr 2017 Editor’s Choice, April 2017: An overview of what’s happening with inclusive agribusiness, what’s missing and specific roles donors could play.
Mar 2017 Editor’s Choice, March 2017: Delving inside the down-pyramid marketing strategies of Unilever and Tetra Pak
Feb 2017 Editor’s Choice, February 2017: financial diaries of 1,000 women and men give clear directions for shifts in financial services provision
Jan 2017 Editor’s Choice, January 2017: demystifying why and how donors support enterprises
Dec 2016 Editor’s Choice, December 2016: margins for shopkeepers or subsidies for consumers? What influence nutritious behaviour?
Nov 2016 Editor’s Choice, November 2016: how do you choose between organic growth, licensing or acquisition?
Oct 2016 Editor’s Choice, October 2016: A Neoliberal Takeover of Social Entrepreneurship?
Sep 2016 Editor’s Choice, September 2016: useful resources mapping support for entrepreneurs – and some important gaps
Jul 2016 Editor’s Choice, July 2016: The world’s awash with capital, but not yet for smallholder farmers
May 2016 Editor’s Choice, May 2016: the multi-stakeholder partnerships guide
Apr 2016 Editor’s Choice, April 2016: disrupting the status quo and creating sanitation markets
Mar 2016 Editor’s Choice March 2016: A practical tool for navigating Partnership Culture
Jan 2016 Editor’s Choice, January 2016: which capital for which inclusive business? A huge step forward in answering the question
Dec 2015 Editor’s Choice, December 2015: Enterprise Solutions for 2030
Nov 2015 Editor’s Choice, November 2015: cut out the middle man? Why bother if you can secure good seed instead
Oct 2015 Editor’s Choice October 2015: 6 years of data, 208 enterprises, AECF shares results so far
Sep 2015 Editor’s Choice, September 2015: collaborative innovation – why, how, and what does it look like?
Aug 2015 Editor’s Choice, August 2015: BIF Guideline’s for Market Selection, Diagnosis and Intervention Planning
Jul 2015 Editor’s Choice, July 2015: Unlocking Opportunities at the Base of the Pyramid
Jun 2015 Editor’s choice, June 2015: Changing the Rules of Engagement with Low Income Consumers
May 2015 Editor’s Choice, May 2015: WSUP’s Urban Water Supply Guide
Apr 2015 Editor’s Choice, April 2015: three papers by Erik Simanis
Mar 2015 Editor’s Choice, March 2015: Growing Prosperity: Developing Repeatable Models to Scale the Adoption
Feb 2015 Editor’s Choice February 2015: How Successful Companies Reach the Base of the Pyramid

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