Database of financial and technical support for inclusive businesses

In the drive to facilitate the development of inclusive business, the Business Innovation Facility and Innovations Against Poverty have jointly launched the Database of Financial and Technical Support for Inclusive Business.

This database acts as a ‘one-stop shop’ for information about organisations that offer financial and/or technical support that may be relevant to inclusive businesses in developing countries.  It is intended to help companies and entrepreneurs that are developing inclusive business models to quickly and easily find initiatives that could provide the support they need.

The database includes descriptions of over 200 relevant organisations, the support they offer and a link to further information. It is categorised by type of support and the area of focus: geographic, organisation and sector. Filters and keywords allow you to search the database for resources that match your specific needs.

Although we have included more than 200 organisations, we recognise that this is not an exhaustive list. This is the second version of this database and we would therefore welcome your feedback and any suggestions of other organisations or resources that could be included. We would also value feedback on the usefulness of this database to your work. Please have a look and get back to us!
We welcome your feedback. Please click here to share your thoughts.



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