Build an Environmentally Inclusive Business

Build an Environmentally Inclusive Business

In order to be successful, businesses must adjust their practices to meet the changing needs of the public. This can be through philanthropy and social enterprise or by taking steps to promote political change. One of the most urgent crises facing the world is the impact businesses are having on the environment. Despite Trump’s anti-environmental views, 55% of Americans believe protecting the environment should be a top priority of the government. Businesses can step in to lead the way in eco-friendly behavior.

Advantages of Eco-Friendly Business

Taking the environment into account could have a number of financial advantages. Firstly, you will cut your insurance costs. Gas in your business can be a significant fire risk, so switching to solar electric will make your home safer and therefore lower insurance costs. The other obvious cost saving is on bills. Solar has dropped dramatically in price and is set to become the cheapest form of energy. By investing in this now, you will not only improve the image of your business but also reduce overheads.

Start with Small Changes

Becoming a green business doesn’t have to be a massive investment. While large corporations such as Iceland can eliminate plastic completely, smaller companies will understandably take longer to make the change. Start with smaller areas which can add up over several years.

Consider reducing the amount of paper you print. Anything which can be an electronic file should be. Also introduce recycling into your business in order to vastly reduce the amount you send to landfill each year. These small day to day changes add up over time to significantly decrease your impact on the environment.

Commit to Renewables

Outside of small, simple changes, the single best thing you can do for the environment is commit to using renewables. Fossil fuels are a long established part of the economy, but their disastrous impact is now beyond doubt. If you can generate electricity using solar, then this could make all the difference. Beyond this, see if you can invest in electric company cars and delivery vehicles.

Becoming an inclusive business is partly about seeing where public sympathies lie. Environmental policies are almost universally endorsed, especially if consumer costs don’t increase. Start with simple affordable changes, but consider completely switching to green energy. This initial investment should save you money in the long run, meaning you can offer services which are both affordable and ethical.

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