March 24, 2017

What Does It Mean to Be a True Business Leader?

There is neither a magical formula for success nor a fail-proof way to become a leader. It is a process of trial and error, although there are some types of behaviors and leadership styles that are more likely to yield results than the others. Rites of passage are long and […]
March 23, 2017

Innovations Against Poverty launches March 24th! Learn more here.

Innovations Against Poverty fund is announcing its second edition and will be soon calling for proposals. We talked to Javier Ayala from consortium leader SNV to learn about the opportunities for inclusive business ventures. In a few words, what is Innovations Against Poverty? The Innovations Against Poverty Fund challenges the […]
March 20, 2017

Transformative partnerships in African agriculture: time to commit!

After a decade of hard work, the foundations are in place for substantive progress within African food systems. New tangible partnerships are emerging that combine focussed intent, long-term commitment and significant ambition. For anyone asking when African agriculture will deliver its long-touted potential, these partnerships offer the best hope for […]
March 20, 2017

Africa 2030: How to leverage emerging technologies for impact

New Intellecap Research looks at emerging technologies as the catalyst for exponential change in Africa Globally, emerging technologies are disrupting industries and the way we think about problem solving. Technologies like internet of things (IoT), robotics, sensor technology, 3D printing, block chain and artificial technologies have the potential to act […]
March 12, 2017

Editor’s Choice, March 2017: Delving inside the down-pyramid marketing strategies of Unilever and Tetra Pak

My Editor’s Choice this month covers two reports which delve into the strategies of two multinationals as they engage with base-of-pyramid consumers.   They unveil the techniques that Unilever is using to reach rural markets and that Tetra Pak embraces to reach ‘Deeper into the Pyramid’. Both pieces are unashamedly about […]
March 10, 2017

2nd Private Sector Conference on Sustainable Inclusive Business

This year, Sustainable Inclusive Business Kenya  invites you to the 2nd Private Sector Conference on Sustainable Inclusive Business to be held on the 26th of April 2017 at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Nairobi, Kenya. If you haven’t saved the date yet, click here! “Companies can no longer […]
March 8, 2017

FMCG in the MENA Region: Practitioner Voices from the Agribusiness Sector in Egypt and Tunisia

IBAN’s Inclusive Business Sector Dialogue on Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) last year provided an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of inclusive agribusinesses in Egypt and Tunisia. Eager to find out what challenges and opportunities companies and support organizations are facing in both countries, we asked representatives from ATUPEE, South Palm […]
March 7, 2017

Inclusive Distribution: The Secret to Securing a Route-to-Market

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies are well aware that emerging and developing markets represent their greatest growth opportunity. 90 percent of Unilever’s global growth and Procter & Gamble’s only growth came from emerging markets during 2008-2014. Yet, with the majority of population growth over the next 35 years expected to […]
March 7, 2017

Sustainability for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) at the BoP – The Waste Management Problem

by Fernando Casado, Magdalena Geissler, Johanna Klein and Isadora Loreto (GlobalCAD)   For Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies, the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) is an often untapped consumer segment with immense potential: the BoP spends more than 50% of their total income, $2.3 trillion to be precise, on […]
March 7, 2017

Inclusive Business in the FMCG Sector: Useful Tools and Resources

Fast Moving Consumer Goods have a short shelf life, are produced at low cost and sold at high volume. They are those products that we casually toss into our shopping cart at our supermarket of choice and tick off our shopping list: veggies, dairy, rice, toilet paper, deodorant, detergent, the […]