BIF findings and results

Final findings and results from the Business Innovation Facility pilot

In three and a half years, between 2010 and 2013, the Business Innovation Facility pilot, funded by DFID, has provided support to inclusive businesses across five countries – Bangladesh, India, Malawi, Nigeria and Zambia. In that time, a wealth of data has been collected and assessed, lessons have been learned, business models have been tweaked and adapted, and challenges have been met. Through all this, some projects have stalled, others have had to change direction but, more importantly, many are showing signs of success.

The publications on this page outline the findings, analyse the results, and identify lessons learned from the three and a half years of the pilot. The final publication, “The 4Ps of inclusive business“, is for practitioners while its companion document, “Adding value to innovation” is for donors. The related publications below include shorter summary reports of the findings.

Two final publications from BIF

The 4Ps of inclusive business: How perseverance, partnerships, pilots and passion can lead to success Success in inclusive business depends on getting the business model right. But so far there is little known about which business models work, how long success takes and what success looks like in practice. This report helps fill that gap, drawing on findings from the portfolio of projects supported by BIF, and presents the commercial and social results realised to date.
Adding value to innovation? Lessons on donor support to inclusive business from the Business Innovation Facility pilot This companion publication is targeted at donors and others who facilitate inclusive business development, particularly those who deliver technical assistance. It explores the assumptions that underpin the BIF approach: that technical support and knowledge exchange can assist companies on their inclusive business journey, and that company progress can help deliver social goals at the Base of the Pyramid.

Related Publications

Spotlight: Ingredients and results of inclusive business

This is a four page summary of the 4Ps of Inclusive Business publication.

Snapshot: Review of the Facility portfolio

This is a six page summary of the full portfolio review that reports on findings, results and the value of technical support across the BIF portfolio.


Case studies: Inclusive Business in practice

This series examines seven of the most interesting inclusive businesses in the BIF portfolio, following each business on its journey from inception to its current position in the market.

Review of the Business Innovation Facility Portfolio

The BIF Portfolio Review 2013 shares the full M&E findings from inclusive businesses across five countries that have been supported by BIF since 2010. This deck of 85 slides covers facts, figures, comparisons and trends.