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Youths in Agriculture: Challenges and success - [Blog]

In the recent past a high number of youths have graduated from the institutions of higher learning and have flooded the job market thus an increase in the rate of unemployment. These youths are therefore forced to take up any opportunity that comes across despite their education background. These youths […]

Join the upcoming IBA bootcamp on building your agribusiness! - [Blog]

Learn from 2SCALE how partnerships and bottom-up innovations can help you build a profitable and inclusive agribusiness. 2SCALE is an agribusiness incubator aiming to improve rural livelihoods and food & nutrition security in Africa by accelerating inclusive business in agri-food industries. Through public-private partnerships, smallholder farmers and local agribusiness work […]

Sifting through the noise: providing curated quality content for inclusive business practitioners - [Blog]

In April, the Hub launched a survey to understand the views and needs of our members.  We wanted to know what our audience find useful in their work and how we can support practitioners to increase their impact. This year the survey has taken on particular significance, as the Practitioner […]

More than money matters! The rise and range of non-financial support to inclusive business - [Blog]

If you ask an entrepreneur what they need to scale, the first answer you get might be ‘money’.   But entrepreneurs and their backers alike are increasingly looking beyond the cash.  A huge array of non-financial support has emerged for businesses that deliver social impact.   It’s an array that is booming, […]

Technical assistance in practice; a story of brain, brawn, a lab and a sports field - [Blog]

“Not only does the TAF team oversee service provision on projects, but also intervenes directly when there is an unforeseen issue or additional piece of support required…” Ashley Insight, 2016 Impact Report Managing a portfolio of technical assistance projects requires a combination of practical and analytical skills; you could see […]

Inclusive business support: to minimise risk or push boundaries? - [Blog]

“Sometimes a bit of outside energy is needed to shift from business as usual. TAF supplied the initiative and a bit of rocket fuel for us to try out a new service for our smallholder customers.” Ashley Insight, 2016 Impact Report   The common understanding of ‘technical assistance’ is of […]

Empower inclusive and proficient agricultural and food frameworks - [Blog]

With increasing globalization, agriculture as an independent sector will cease to exist, becoming instead, just one part of an integrated value chain. The value chain exits both upstream and downstream, or from production through to processing and sales, in which the whole is now highly concentrated, integrated and globalized. This […]

Helping businesses grow in Ghana - [Blog]

At MDF West Africa, we recently launched the IBA Hub Ghana, from which we provide business development support to entrepreneurs. We help them develop sustainable business models by optimizing their strategy with the use of the business model canvas and building the internal management capacity of the business, the owner […]

Partnership - [Connect To Grow]

Partnership venture: Agromite Mechanisation Services, Ghana The aim of this partnership venture is to support farmers in the rice sector in Ghana to improve their yields by adopting innovative technology from India, notably laser-land leveling and nursery & transplanting equipment. Download Profile in PDF Market opportunity In Ghana, most rice [...]

How can farmers become entrepreneurs - [Blog]

The concept of entrepreneurship and entrepreneur has evolved; from a for-profit business to including social entrepreneurship; and from an individual who organizes or operates a business to qualities that define a successful business person. A small farmer does manage an agribusiness but may not exhibit qualities generally associated with a […]

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TechnoServe Initiative for Inclusive Agricultural Business Models

This report contains four case studies on how some of the largest and most influential food and beverage companies and agribusinesses approach inclusive business: The Coca-Cola Company, The Kellogg Company, SABMiller/AB Inbev, and Syngenta.

Inflection Point: Unlocking growth in the era of farmer finance

This report provides a picture of how the smallholder finance space currently operates by describing the key actors and the nature of their interactions, and by conceptualizing these in a new “industry model.”

Partnering for scale: Collaborating to more effectively engage smallholder farmers

The report highlights the importance of partners for inclusive agribusinesses in order to move from pilot to scale. It presents the Partnership Ecosystem Framework, a tool which helps practitioners to decide who to partner with and provides recommendations how to keep a vital partnership environment.

Scaling Innovation at the Energy- Agriculture Nexus in East Africa

Energy and agriculture form a nexus: Energy can be generated by using crops, agricultural residues and livestock waste. At the same time 30% of the global energy consumption is needed along the agricultural value chain. This brief outlines how policy makers can catalyse development agribusiness while supporting the energy-agriculture nexus.