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Inclusive Agribusiness Text Text Text NEW The ‘go/no-go’ decision for an inclusive business partnership December 2017 NEW Checklist: ten elements to consider as you build a scalable enterprise November 2016 Checklist: How to develop a partnering agreement May 2016 Checklist: Can you count what counts? How to tally numbers reached at the Base [...]

Transformative partnerships in African agriculture: time to commit! - [Blog]

After a decade of hard work, the foundations are in place for substantive progress within African food systems. New tangible partnerships are emerging that combine focussed intent, long-term commitment and significant ambition. For anyone asking when African agriculture will deliver its long-touted potential, these partnerships offer the best hope for […]

FMCG in the MENA Region: Practitioner Voices from the Agribusiness Sector in Egypt and Tunisia - [Blog]

IBAN’s Inclusive Business Sector Dialogue on Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) last year provided an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of inclusive agribusinesses in Egypt and Tunisia. Eager to find out what challenges and opportunities companies and support organizations are facing in both countries, we asked representatives from ATUPEE, South Palm […]

Inclusive Business in the FMCG Sector: Useful Tools and Resources - [Blog]

Fast Moving Consumer Goods have a short shelf life, are produced at low cost and sold at high volume. They are those products that we casually toss into our shopping cart at our supermarket of choice and tick off our shopping list: veggies, dairy, rice, toilet paper, deodorant, detergent, the […]

Agri-food value chains for nutrition – how are they most effective? - [Blog]

Authors: Nigel Poole (SOAS), Haris Gazdar (CSSR) and Mar Maestre (IDS) Under-nutrition is a central and persistent challenge for global development, above all in South Asia. Mobilising agri-food businesses to support efforts to reduce under-nutrition is challenging. The LANSA (Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia) team has been researching […]

Scaling Innovation at the Energy-Agriculture Nexus in East Africa - [Blog]

“The climate is changing.  Food and agriculture must, too.” With this year’s theme of the World Food Day on October 16th, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) chose a strong message that tackles key issues of our modern global society. Indeed, climate, energy and agriculture are all interconnected. We recently […]

Partnership - [Connect To Grow]

Defining Partnership What do we mean by partnership? By partnership, we mean a long-term collaboration, whereby two (or more) partners design and implement a venture together. Whilst partnerships will evolve over time, an interest to pursue a long-term, commercial partnership needs to be present early on, when Connect to Grow [...]

Acacia and Baobab Images - [Blog]

Please view our natural ecology found at our Easter ASAL zones useful in aggro forestry. These spices have capacity to capture 150 tonnage of carbon from atmospheric air, transport it through the trunk, and restore it into the soil as nitrogen, promoting bio-diversity. They are therefore important in agribusiness. Value […]


We like to inform everybody about the Innovation Factory programme by GIZ, supporting innovation communities in four pilot countries to identify needs, to share knowledge and experience and to develop new ideas for ICT4Ag solutions that are suitable and sustainable within each local setting. The emerging farmer-centred projects involve concepts […]

Who pays and what works? The changing market of Inclusive Business Development Services - [Blog]

Business Development Services for Inclusive Business is an immature but fast changing market.  This month we have 24 blogs from practitioners who reflect on how they have provided or used business development support, with a great array of examples and views.  We’ve compiled this in partnership with Inclusive Business Accelerator, […]

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Inflection Point: Unlocking growth in the era of farmer finance

This report provides a picture of how the smallholder finance space currently operates by describing the key actors and the nature of their interactions, and by conceptualizing these in a new “industry model.”

Partnering for scale: Collaborating to more effectively engage smallholder farmers

The report highlights the importance of partners for inclusive agribusinesses in order to move from pilot to scale. It presents the Partnership Ecosystem Framework, a tool which helps practitioners to decide who to partner with and provides recommendations how to keep a vital partnership environment.

Gender opportunities and constraints in inclusive agribusiness models: The case study of Unifrutti in Mindanao, Philippines

This study provides an in-depth analysis of two different agricultural business models to examine the gender-differentiated implications of primary agriculture investments/businesses; how primary agriculture investments/businesses affect poor rural women and men differently in their access, use and control of land; and what business models provide examples of good practice in relation to employment and land which can inform regulatory frameworks for investment and policy-making.

Accelerating Agricultural Transformation In Africa: Grow Africa Progress And Priorities

This report documents Grow Africa's activities to accelerate private-sector investment into agriculture through the Grow Africa Partnership since its establishment in 2011 and outlines priorities for 2015 and beyond.