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Editor’s Choice December 2017: The Best Blogs of 2017   - [Blog]

Business partnerships   Business – donor relationships – why the purpose can’t just be about the dollars   By Anna Swaithes, formerly Cadbury, Kraft and SABMiller  In a decade working for corporates, Anna Swaithes has seen the risk that programmes are designed to match donor money instead of vice versa. She explains […]

In the burgeoning inclusive business space, some core questions remain - [Blog]

What progress are we really making in inclusive business? And what’s got to change in 2018 to realise the promise?  Are you head down, flat out, out of breath building inclusive businesses? Pause for thought as we approach year end to think about these questions and hear views from our great […]

Agribusiness: inclusive intentions, not yet core business - [Blog]

Over the past five years the term “inclusive business” has shifted from being an uncomfortable phrase for many to being commonly used in the world of food and agriculture. Companies that struggled with what was considered wishy-washiness of the phrase now have CEO’s who refer to the inclusiveness of their […]

Voxpops 2017 - [Knowledge]

Inclusive business - Quo vadis? At the end of the year 2017, we asked practitioners and thought leaders working in inclusive business for their personal opinion on the state of the sector currently and what they think is in store in 2018 and beyond: We asked what is going well, what is missing, and [...]

Innovations Against Poverty: where are we now? - [Blog]

The Innovations Against Poverty Fund application period came to a close over the summer, with a record number of applicants. We reached out to Geertje Otten, one of the program managers and global evaluators for IAP, to get a status update. The application period closed on July 24th – where are […]

Planting the seed for an integrated precision farming platform for smallholders - [Blog]

The first day started with a tour through Berlin – and through the future of agriculture. At the end of day two, we had planted the seed of this vision: an integrated platform that would unleash the productivity of smallholder farmers. This post describes the journey of the precision agriculture […]

Spreadsheets are where data go to die - [Blog]

The data problem and opportunity 570 million smallholder farms, using less than two hectares of land, account for roughly 12% of the world’s agricultural land (World Development, 2016). These farms supply around 30% of our global food commodities, but are hard to reach and often with little formal organisation. It […]

Good Reads on NGOs in Inclusive Business - [Blog]

To come right to the point: there’s not much literature on NGOs in Inclusive Business (IB) out there. This only confirms that it is long overdue to push NGOs from the backstage into the limelight and give their engagement in IB more visibility. Nonetheless, there are some very relevant publications […]

NGOs in inclusive business: Contradiction or a complementarity? - [Blog]

By Dr. Aline Menden and Christian Pirzer You are probably aware of aid projects run by NGOs to fight HIV Aids in Sub-Saharan Africa or combat yet another hunger crisis. But are you aware NGOs are also pursuing business approaches to achieve development objectives? Why should NGOs engage in (inclusive) […]

Partnership- Shreenagar Agricenters - [Connect To Grow]

Partnership venture: Shreenagar Agricenters Poultry feed manufacturing, Nepal The aim of this partnership venture is to introduce an improved poultry feed manufacturing process and establish three Shreenagar agri-center outlets as “one stop solutions” that will sell the seed, feed, technical services and market linkages for deprived farmers in rural areas [...]

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TechnoServe Initiative for Inclusive Agricultural Business Models

This report contains four case studies on how some of the largest and most influential food and beverage companies and agribusinesses approach inclusive business: The Coca-Cola Company, The Kellogg Company, SABMiller/AB Inbev, and Syngenta.

New Horizons: How inclusive business is helping achieve the SDGs in the Philippines

The report provides insights into the state of inclusive business in the Philippines, the level of awareness about IB among companies and the IB policy environment. It introduces IB opportunities across four sectors: food and agribusiness, skills building and education, infrastructure and financial services.

Women's economic empowerment and agribusiness: Opportunities for the gender transformative agenda

This study focuses on Women's Economic Empowerment (WEE) in agribusiness initiatives under the gender work stream, to enhance the inclusiveness of agribusiness portfolio. The objective of the study is to better understand the different approaches donors use to address gender inequalities and promote WEE within the agribusiness initiatives, to assess which approaches are most effective at delivering on WEE, to identify key success factors and practical lessons learned from existing best practice on WEE in agribusiness and to propose focus areas and approaches for future donor engagement in agribusiness that are most likely to deliver on gender transformative approaches on addressing structural barriers to WEE.

Inflection Point: Unlocking growth in the era of farmer finance

This report provides a picture of how the smallholder finance space currently operates by describing the key actors and the nature of their interactions, and by conceptualizing these in a new “industry model.”