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Good Reads on NGOs in Inclusive Business - [Blog]

To come right to the point: there’s not much literature on NGOs in Inclusive Business (IB) out there. This only confirms that it is long overdue to push NGOs from the backstage into the limelight and give their engagement in IB more visibility. Nonetheless, there are some very relevant publications […]

NGOs in inclusive business: Contradiction or a complementarity? - [Blog]

By Dr. Aline Menden and Christian Pirzer You are probably aware of aid projects run by NGOs to fight HIV Aids in Sub-Saharan Africa or combat yet another hunger crisis. But are you aware NGOs are also pursuing business approaches to achieve development objectives? Why should NGOs engage in (inclusive) […]

Partnership- Shreenagar Agricenters - [Connect To Grow]

Partnership venture: Shreenagar Agricenters Poultry feed manufacturing, Nepal The aim of this partnership venture is to introduce an improved poultry feed manufacturing process and establish three Shreenagar agri-center outlets as “one stop solutions” that will sell the seed, feed, technical services and market linkages for deprived farmers in rural areas [...]

Closing the Gaps: How an NGO identifies and effectively uses synergies to spur underdeveloped inclusive business ecosystems - [Blog]

As a part of our series on NGOs and inclusive business, we spoke to Jaap Jan Verboom, Director of the Agribusiness Booster, an impact investment fund backed by ICCO Cooperation, a Dutch NGO that is part of an international network of NGOs with a protestant background. The blog post was […]

8 NGOs assess themselves against 12 success factors for inclusive business - [Blog]

‘An eyeopener’. ‘We need to do this again after one year’. ‘Let’s apply this to our country offices as well’. Those were comments by NGO-staff after doing a self-assessment of their organization in a recent peer-to-peer learning workshop on inclusive business (IB). The event was organized by Endeva and BoP […]

World Vision’s approach to inclusive business collaborations - [Blog]

As a part of our series on NGOs and inclusive business, we spoke to Katharina Jeschke, Economic Development, Microfinance and Inclusive Business from World Vision, an international charity with a focus on children’s rights, on their approach to using inclusive business models to improve the lives of those living on […]

Doing business differently – can inclusive business empower women? - [Blog]

What does it mean to do business differently so as to reach and empower women? To tackle, not perpetuate gender inequality? I’ve just read the 20 blogs in our gender theme developed in collaboration with SPRING, an accelerator working with businesses on innovations that can transform the lives of girls, […]

The gender-responsiveness of project management in agribusiness: Findings from a survey of nine projects - [Blog]

This blog represents the third in a series in the Practitioner Hub on a tool that can be used by agribusiness/value chain projects and businesses to analyse their current performance on gender-related activities at the field level and in project management. The first blog outlined the main elements of the […]

The gender-responsiveness of agribusiness initiatives: Findings from a survey of 16 projects - [Blog]

An earlier Practitioner Hub blog outlined a tool that can be used by agribusiness/value chain projects and businesses to analyse their current performance on gender-related activities at the field level and in project management. This blog reports on the findings from reviewing 16 projects[1] on their field-level initiatives to address […]

Unleashing the economic potential: How female entrepreneurs can boost economic growth in emerging countries - [Blog]

“What do you think this is?” A female sales agent holds up a package with odd looking grains in it. “It looks like rice” the group responds. “That’s right, these are rice kernels that contain extra nutrients. When you boil them with your normal rice you will become healthier”. Together […]

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TechnoServe Initiative for Inclusive Agricultural Business Models

This report contains four case studies on how some of the largest and most influential food and beverage companies and agribusinesses approach inclusive business: The Coca-Cola Company, The Kellogg Company, SABMiller/AB Inbev, and Syngenta.

Inflection Point: Unlocking growth in the era of farmer finance

This report provides a picture of how the smallholder finance space currently operates by describing the key actors and the nature of their interactions, and by conceptualizing these in a new “industry model.”

Partnering for scale: Collaborating to more effectively engage smallholder farmers

The report highlights the importance of partners for inclusive agribusinesses in order to move from pilot to scale. It presents the Partnership Ecosystem Framework, a tool which helps practitioners to decide who to partner with and provides recommendations how to keep a vital partnership environment.

Scaling Innovation at the Energy- Agriculture Nexus in East Africa

Energy and agriculture form a nexus: Energy can be generated by using crops, agricultural residues and livestock waste. At the same time 30% of the global energy consumption is needed along the agricultural value chain. This brief outlines how policy makers can catalyse development agribusiness while supporting the energy-agriculture nexus.