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A Buck Short

This month’s Editor’s Choice is a report which summarises findings from ‘financial diaries’ collected in 3 countries, covering around 1,000 women and men in total.

Checklist: The ‘go/no-go’ decision for an inclusive business partnership

Partnerships play a critical role in inclusive business (IB). However, inevitably they involve risk and can often suffer high transaction costs. This tool= is used to help companies assess the value, risks and implications of a partnership in order that they can confidently go ahead, know that more information or negotiation is required, or decide not to proceed.

Customer intelligence revolutionising business at the Base of the Pyramid

For businesses selling products and services at the base of the pyramid, understanding low-income consumers and the choices they make is critical to meeting customer needs, boosting sales, and delivering real value.  This month, in partnership with Acumen’s Lean Data Initiative, we explore how new technology and Lean Data methods are efficiently capturing new insights and creating more customer-centric businesses.

Strategic Partners


Fast-Moving Consumer Goods: For FMCG companies, low-income people are not just important as consumers, but also as distributors and producers.  How have businesses adapted their models to include and benefit those at the BoP? Post a blog here, or email us for more information. The deadline is Monday 6th March.


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